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superbean in spacechannel5

Help, Maybe?

So I just stumbled upon this comm today, and I'm really enthralled with Space Channel 5. I played both games, and love them both. I have a preference for part 2, but I think that's because I played it before the first one >>

Anywhoooooo. For Otakon this year, I am making Pudding's outfit (AND GUITAR). My problem, I don't have any super good shots of her outfit, and any time I ever search for SC5, clearly, Ulala is what is most displayed XD

It'd be easier to print out images to have with me rather than leave the dressing room on, ya know? So if anyone has any pictures or anything, that'd be awesome. Thaaaaaaank you



Hay! me and my friend are going to otakon as Ulala, me in her white costume, my friend in the orange one. anyhoo, what day/days are you going to otakon? I'm asking because it would be cool to have a dance off or something...or just hang out with a fellow fan.
hope to get a response from you and I'll be looking for you at otakon ^_^

PS: how are you making Pudding's guitar?

Re: HI

I'll be there all three days. Not sure when I'm wearing Pudding just yet. haha. My friend actually made a Haruko guitar from FLCL and she told me a brief gist of how to do it, so I'm gonna go off of that and hope for the best. lol

December 2010

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