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Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

The release date for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is February 10, 2010, and although I still have not yet seen screen shots, character art, or any other confirmation of Ulala, the following bit by the ESRB made me do a back flip with joy:

This is a racing game in which players use Sonic the Hedgehog and other SEGA characters to race on tracks taken from the SEGA universe. Players drive, drift, and "slipstream" their way through whimsical tracks while avoiding moving obstacles and other drivers. Players can receive "power-ups" during the race, allowing them to attack other racers in numerous ways—running at supersonic speed to knock them over, jabbing them with a hammer, crushing them with a giant egg, etc. Opponent vehicles usually spin out of control, pop up in the air, or fall off the racetrack when hit, though a vehicle does explode in a fiery burst during an introductory cutscene. One of the female racers wears a short skirt with a laser gun that clings to her thigh; she taunts opponents by gyrating her hips and blowing a kiss.

Edit [11JAN10 @ 21:36] - The release date appears to be February 10 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and in March for the Wii and DS. Also, check out this video; Ulala makes a few brief appearances! :D

Edit [11JAN10 @ 22:06] - Some screen shots!

I apologize for the low quality; I just kept hitting print screen while watching the video. :p


Yay for Ulala confirmation!!!

I am definitely getting this game, no question.

but, now I wonder, which version I should get..
I only have a Wii.. but.. if the 360 version is a lot better like the way Sonic Unleashed was then maybe I should get that one
Since it's also being released on the Wii, I dunno if it'd be worth it to buy a 360 just for this game, unless you plan on buying more 360 games down the road.
..Heh heh, I'm kinda hoping the handle will be a lot like Mario Kart Wii. :B
Lol. Well of course I'd buy more 360 Games.. maybe start with DJ Hero..
Hmm.. her face looks a bit strange.. lifeless.. like a doll..
but anyways, I hope Apollo Smile voices her
I know what y'mean. I sorta noticed the same thing with her in Sega Superstars Tennis..
Her eyes are looking in two different directions.
Too cool! Love the way Ulala lives on like this.

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